Avoid Framing Mistakes

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If you want a strong and durable home structure, the foundation is what you need to focus on. Whether you are working on the framin on your own, or you have a general contractor getting the job done, you have to make sure all is done accordingly. In majority of cases, the quality of framing constructions can make a huge difference. When getting your framing done, there are certain errors you need to watch out for. The good news is that most mistakes that are committed in framing construction can actually be prevented. Here are some framing mistakes that you need to avoid.

The first framing mistake to avoid is sheathing installation as a simple span. Sheathing should always get installed over 3 or more spans at minimum. As well, watch out for installing the strength axis in the wrong direction. Panels should be installed with the long dimension of the panel across supports.

For the love of framing, do no install the glulam upside down. Beams should always be installed accordingly, If the word “top” is stamped on the lamination, the end of that beam should be upward.

Keep a close eye out for inconsistent floor gluing and inconsistent joint spacing. You have to make sure that the floor feels right, and make sure that the floor doesn’t squeak either. Overdriven fasteners are also a huge mistake. Overdriven fasteners lead to aesthetic problems and to structural issues.

If you don’t want to reduce structural capacity, then watch out for notching and hole cutting in all of the wrong places.

And finally, avoid moisture intrusion at all costs. Using house wraps, underlayment, or flashings can help you prevent moisture issues.

In all if you want a frame done that you can always rely on, work with ADG Construction. We commit to excellence and we have years of experience in the business.

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