The Best Materials for Your Fireplace Refacing Project

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Your hearth is one of the most difficult places to renovate. If you are struggling to know the best option for your old fireplace, we invite you to think on getting some fireplace refacing services.

Removing and cleaning the place of your fireplace can be costly. Also, if you are thinking on repainting and adding some decorations to the room, you need to figure out what to do with the old look of your fireplace.

Best materials for your fireplace refacing project


One of the most traditional materials that you can find to change your fireplace’s appearance is tile. This material comes on different sizes, colors, and textures. Then, there is not any excuse for no buying some tiles. One of the main advantages is that you can install it yourself, so you can see how the new refacing complements the design of the entire room.


Another material that is common for refacing projects is stone. This particular material gives a more natural look to your house. Furthermore, many DIY tutorials mention the easy application of stones to reface an old fireplace.

You have two different options to reface your heath using stones. The first one is the integration of natural stones using a specific type of mortar. Then, the second option is to incorporate Air-stones, which are artificial stones that give the impression of a natural rock. People love the idea of using Air-Stones because they can get the shapes that you consider more convenient. For instance, you can mold the material as you wish and get incredible results.


Some people love using wood for this type of projects. Nonetheless, it’s not recommended because wood is a natural combustible that can provoke accidents. It’s essential to mention that the National Standard Building Codes has strict specifications for the use of this material on your fireplace refacing enterprises.

As you can see, there are several types of materials to reface your fireplace. You can get amazing results and your fireplace will look more elegant. Hence, we invite you to clarify all your doubts with us. We will be so glad of taking care of your construction and remodeling projects. Get in contact with us today!

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