Combat door moisture with home remodeling in San Jose CA, Pt. II

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In our previous article, we talked about one of the most common issues for home remodeling in San Jose CA. In short, we learned how moisture causes doors to warp. There are many causes for the moisture that eventually warps your doors. However, the most frequent is the seasonal changes. Thus, it makes door warping a common problem, repeating every year for the lack of ease of the average homeowner.

But, how do you deal with this? Basically, you have to avoid making the same mistake again. During a project of home remodeling in San Jose CA, you must protect your doors. So, after hanging up your doors for a day, as stated in the last article, this is what you’ll do:

  • One coat is not enough:

First of all, you must apply at least two coats of finish to the doors. Applying just 1 coat might be counterproductive, as it will leave your door vulnerable to moisture.

  • A door has 6 sides:

Interestingly enough, homeowners and particularly do-it-yourselfers usually forget that a door has 6 sides. It’s fundamental that you remember the top and bottom of the door. You’ll experience moisture issues sooner or later if you miss these areas.

The proper use of sealers during a project of home remodeling in San Jose CA

  • Stains are not sealers:

Homeowners commonly forget this during home remodeling in San Jose CA, but purpose of stain is only to apply color. Stain doesn’t protect doors from moisture. You must stain the door first, and then apply a polyurethane sealer.

  • Applying the sealer carefully:

Given that sealers increase the moisture content of the doors once applied, it makes them slightly flexible. In consequence, you need to apply it while the door’s weight is evenly supported. If you fail to do this, the door might warp due to its own weight while the sealer dries.

While these solutions will not guarantee the solution to all problems with excessive moisture, it’ll certainly combat it. However, if you want to leave this project in the hands of a professional company of home remodeling in San Jose CA, call our team at ADG Construction, Inc. today.

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