Combat door moisture with home remodeling in San Jose CA

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If you’ve owned your house for quite a while, it’s likely that you have noticed that your doors, especially the front and back doors, get difficult to open and close. Sometimes this problem may reach a point in which doors can’t close at all, like if the door had just become bigger; thus, you would need services of home remodeling in San Jose CA. Well, the fact is that the door indeed became bigger. The reason is usually moisture. Moisture allows doors to warp in such a way that they don’t stay as functional as the day they were installed.

We at ADG Construction, Inc., as a responsible provider of projects of home remodeling in San Jose CA, can assure you that if the moisture content of the door is higher in the factory than your house’s environment, it will likely shrink as it dries. Conversely, swelling may occur if we assume your house’s moisture levels are above those of the factory.

This is a common issue for contractors of home remodeling in San Jose CA, and it is usually noticed in seasonal changes. Heavy rainy seasons, humid summers, and excessive use of the furnace or humidifier can warp many wood elements and products. When cold weather arrives, the air outside is very dry; the problem arises when we run the furnace, which dries the air inside even more. Doors take such treatment, and if they’re not properly protected, they can warp badly or at least stop latching properly.

How do you handle this? Well, first of all, don’t install the doors immediately; instead, store them where they will be placed at least 24 hours prior to the installation. Then, it will be the right time to apply a finish. In our next article, we will wrap this up and talk in more detailed about the finishing process. Remember that ADG Construction Inc. can help you with any projects of home remodeling in San Jose CA. Head out to our services page in our website and see all the things we can do to help you!

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