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The foundation, as the name suggests, is the most important part of any structure. It creates a base for the rest of the components of the construction, while supporting their weight. If you’re building your house or your commercial building from the ground up, your foundation contractors can guide you through the different types of foundations you can use. While many factors (cost, desires, etc.) arise when deciding on what type of foundation you need beneath your residence, the most important one is the type of soil on which your house will rest.  Then, your foundation contractors can help you choose between 3 main types, slab, crawlspace, and basement.

  • Slab: Slab foundation consists basically of a concrete slab that is poured directly onto the ground on which the house will be built. Then, deeper concrete beams are installed around the perimeter of the slab. Wire mesh and steel or iron reinforcing bars will be embedded inside the concrete for maximum performance. Foundation contractors recommend slab foundations on warmer climates, since cold weather can shift the slab, and where there is high water table, meaning the depth of soil at which water is found.


  • Crawlspace: Crawlspace, as the name says it, adds an accessible space (approximately sufficient for a small person to crawl in it) between the ground and the bottom of the first floor of the house. It’s usually build of cinder blocks. Foundation contractors prefer crawlspace when the land has shallow bedrock or when there is a high content of clay in the soil. Both situations make it difficult to dig deeper and make the ground prone to water accumulation.


  • Basement: The construction of those popular houses with basements starts by digging an approximately 8-feet hole, creating the beams, then the surrounding walls, and ending on a concrete slab at the bottom. Basements are the favorite among homeowners because it adds storage or living space to the house, while being highly resistant to fire and extreme weathers. Our contractors recommend them for cold climates because the foundation needs to be built below frost level.

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