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Foundation problems can lead to major flaws in the structural stability of a house. Thus, such issues put you and your family’s safety at stake. Whether you’re a homeowner or a potential buyer, you must make sure that home foundations are strong.

At ADG Construction, Inc., we are experts in foundation services. We can help you to assess and repair any issues with your foundation. Call us today at (408) 314-7733 or fill our contact form!

However, how will you know if your foundations need any repairs? Let’s take a look at the causes a little further.

What are the common causes of foundation problems?

Most of these issues are caused by foundation settlement. In a few words, settlement is a disruption in the structure of the foundations. It can damage your house or business from the bottom to the top, and even render them completely unsafe.

Usually, building on improperly compacted soil or expansive clay causes it. This type of soil makes any place more prone to settlement. Plus, lack of maintenance of the foundations is also a factor.

However, there’s one usual suspect when it comes to foundation problems.

Changes in moisture content

All the movement in the foundation is mainly caused by the moisture content of the soil. Some types of soil respond highly to variations in moisture. While in some areas this movement is insignificant, other areas have major tendency to move.

For example, soils with high clay content shrink and swell depending on moisture. This movement transmits directly to the foundation. But then, the main problem is that the soil rarely settles in a uniform way.

As a result, only some parts of the foundation settle or move. We call this differential settlement. Such unevenness causes serious damage to the foundation. Thus, you’ll likely see cracks in exterior and interior walls alike.

Hopefully, the soil beneath your property will have a uniform swelling. If not, it’s time to call foundation contractors.

Our professionals at ADG Construction can evaluate your foundations and provide the best solutions according to your needs. Contact our team today and avoid further foundation problems.

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