Kitchen remodel projects don’t have to be so costly!

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In our last blog post, we saw how you don’t have to break your wallet to have an awesome kitchen remodel project. We know already that this kind of project is one of the best ways to improve your house. A kitchen remodel adds value and beauty to any place, but many homeowners insist it’s too expensive. For this reason, we at ADG Construction, Inc. give you more tips to make all of it more affordable.

Avoid removing a wall for an affordable kitchen remodel

When deciding about home interiors, many people love open floor plans. However, these usually entail opening the space between the kitchen and any other family room. This likely translates into removing a wall. As you expect, removing a wall makes it all more expensive. First, you must make sure that the wall is not essential for the structural stability of your house. Second, you’ll need to reroute any water pipes or electrical wiring. So, how would you make it affordable? Just perform a cutout! A cutout is not only way cheaper than removing a wall, but also creates additional space. Of course, this also requires checking for water lines and wiring, but it’s an overall economic option for your kitchen remodel.

Track lighting is also a fantastic choice

Most homeowners love to install recessed lighting when doing a kitchen remodel. However, it can take more time and money than expected. Not only they need to cut holes in the ceiling, but they must also think about the materials and labor costs. Expenses add up pretty fast when installing recessed lights. On the other hand, track lighting is a very versatile and affordable option. Coming in many styles, finishes, and shapes, they provide all the light you need. Moreover, they add a special touch to the overall environment of the kitchen.

Do a kitchen remodel on stages

Doing everything you’re planning for your kitchen at once is a bad idea when you have budget constraints. Instead, why don’t you spread remodeling costs in different dates? For example, you can install a backsplash way after the countertop and cabinets. Also, cabinet doors with glass are usually cheaper than solid wood.

As you see, a nice kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be too difficult to undertake. While many homeowners believe costs are always sky-high, it’s not always the case. Put all these tips into practice and save money. Contact ADG Construction, Inc. today, so we can help you with everything you need for your kitchen remodel.

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