Main steps to invest in an attic renovation correctly

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People like to reinvest in their homes for many reasons, and a common motive is that need more space. So, if you want to make a new bedroom, for example, you should just look up. Yes; you can do an attic renovation and turn this often neglected space into something beautiful.

But then, is it worth it? Many homeowners neglect the attic because they see it as the eternal storage room – always cluttered and dirty. However, many of them meet the requirements for a makeover. Let’s see what structural elements you need to assess.

Is an attic renovation worth your money?

Check the rafters

The first step when inspecting your attic is looking at the way it was built. So, if you don’t even have a lamp over there, take your flashlight and go up. The rafters supporting the roof have a direct relationship with the layout of your attic. Therefore, you will have available space depending on the roof support.

Many times, the rafters bind together in a W-shape of sorts. If that’s your case, forget about it. Why? Well, first of all, you can’t modify the roof support without putting the structure at risk. Second, you have to make sure that you will have some actual space to work with, yet the rafters won’t let you.

How you’ll get into the attic (or out of it)

If you were to turn the place into a room, chances are that no one will find that narrow staircase comfortable. Thus, you must determine how to get in and out of the attic comfortably. In general, it depends on how much space you want the stairs to take:

  • Straight-run stairs: 10-15 ft. long, minimum, lest you want to make them too sloped
  • 2-run stairs: Two runs in different directions meeting on a middle point will take at least 8 ft. of floor space
  • Spiral staircase: The best choice for space optimization. It’ll take around 5 ft. on the lower level

Building up to code

If you have any doubts about your attic renovation, don’t hesitate and call ADG Construction, Inc. Our professionals are more than ready to provide all the information you need.

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