Making your kitchen remodeling costs more affordable

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All of us would love to have a fully renovated kitchen. However, few people have the choice of spending $50,000+ on remodeling costs. If that is so, why bother, then? The mistake relies in that homeowners often believe that kitchen updates are expensive by nature. It might be true at some point, but there are ways to keep such a project within budget.

In addition, it’s worth it! The return of doing kitchen remodeling is worth the hassle, especially if you are looking to sell in the future. Remember; small changes can have a great impact. When you combine different updates well, they don’t have to blow your wallet.

Some changes in cabinets reduce remodeling costs

Changing the cabinets in your kitchen can drive up the costs quite a bit. It is especially true when you want custom cabinets. However, nowadays there are several pre-manufactured models out there. These cabinets look way better than the first ones that made their way to the market. Moreover, some of these cabinet sets are DIY-friendly.

On the other hand, you can always reduce remodeling costs by changing the small details. Getting new, shiny hinges and pulls can improve your kitchen even if your old cabinets remain.

What to consider for affordable countertops

We know it. Everybody loves stone or granite for their countertops. Of course, the price may not reduce the love, but indeed deters people from spending. Overall, there are 3 main options when economy is a must:

  • Ceramic tiles: These tiles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, or designs. You will certainly have a hard time choosing. However, it costs a small fraction of the price of stone and granite. So, bear in mind that tiles will reduce your remodeling costs incredibly.
  • Laminate wood: Laminate wood countertops are another cost-effective option. It requires low installation costs and low maintenance. Moreover, it resembles the classy look of wood to perfection.
  • Solid wood: If you have a little extra money, then why not? The best part is that you can cut wood to fit your kitchen perfectly. Moreover, it’s an excellent choice for an experienced do-it-yourselfer.

In our next blog post, we will review a few more options to keep your kitchen remodeling costs within budget. Get in touch with ADG Construction, Inc. today and get the finest solutions for your kitchen.

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