Outside Foundation Problems

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A house can only be as strong and as solid as its foundation. Tragically, bad soil conditions, the change in the weather, and moisture In the ground and around your house will stress your home’s foundation by causing expansion and contraction in the soil. Regardless of how well built your property is, this problem is bound t happen. Only a trained foundation professional can determine whether or not your foundation is under too much stress or whether or not it requires repairs. If you have noticed any leaks, uneven floors, cracks- – it is important that you call a foundation contractor immediately.

There are many major factors that affect and damage your house foundation one way or another. Let us take a look at what outside elements affect your foundation:

For starters, different densities of soil under your property- – such as stone- – can cause the foundation to settle unevenly and then crack. The freezing and thawing weather cycles can destroy roads- – they can also take a toll on your basement. When a rigid foundation is subject to continuous flexing and contracting in the soil, the damage is sort of inevitable. Temperature fluxes the soil, water and the air around the foundation walls which causes expansion and the end result is cracking in your foundation.

Another outside element that can damage your foundation is surrounding trees and their roots. Tree roots push against the foundation wall and they movr underneath- – the end result is a cracked foundation.

Creaking floors, doors and windows that get stuck, and water inside of your basement are also signs of movement in your foundation. Heavy backfills create pressure on foundation walls which then leads to buckling as well. Once you see any cracks, rest assure that the entire wall is already completely broken.

In all, these are the outside elements that damage your foundation.

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