Safety Excavation Procedures

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Excavation is one of the most dangerous activities in any construction project. Excavation contractors face many challenges when developing this type of projects, challenges like underground power lines, collapsing trenches, and low air quality are very common. Here in ADG Construction Inc. our excavation contractors follow all safety procedures and regulations and they are constantly trained to follow these procedures to hand in high class excavation projects while always aiming for security. ADG Construction Inc. follows all federal excavation safety standards and we always assure the security in the construction site. The safety excavation standards are enforced by Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA).

Before doing an excavation on any site we reduce the risks of our biggest concern which is trench collapse. We reduce this risk by doing soil testing before digging. When soil conditions are very poor walls should be supported using hydraulic cylinders or trend shields. Stairs or ladder must be added in case the hole grows too deep. Here in ADG Construction Inc. we assign engineer to design a safety system on every project that we are assigned to work on, he assures that the procedure is being followed by the dot. He performs regular testing to make sure the site is always secure to keep working on. Every single worker that will be working on the development of an excavation should be well trained before the project starts. They need to know the safety procedures in order for them to follow it.

When assigning a company to work on a development of an excavation, you need to make sure that they are very experienced, that they have the right tools and that they follow the safety procedures. Accidents always occur but you minimize the chances by working with a responsible and efficient company. Here in ADG Construction Inc. we have the most experienced staff with the most updated tools and procedures. Call us now for a free estimate and to schedule a visit.

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