Save money by preventing foundation settlement damages!

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Imagine you’re walking outside your home and spot a big crack on a wall. Of course, you’ll probably freak out. Indeed, there are some usual reasons why you may see cracks on your walls. However, foundation settlement is usually the major cause.

But what does that mean? If the crack looks too bad, don’t waste time and call our foundation experts at ADG Construction, Inc. at (408) 314-7733!

What is foundation settlement?

Basically, settlement refers to the movement of the foundation of your home. Usually, it means that your home is too heavy for the soil it rests upon.

On the other hand, the high clay content in San Jose’s soil explains why this issue is so frequent. However, there are 3 specific reasons why this happens.

Soil shrinking

Foundation settlement often occurs due to the expansion and shrinking of the soil. Thus, less moisture causes the soil to shrink.

Let’s see drought periods, for example. These are known for the heat waves, which often cause deaths. However, drought also causes the clay soil to shrink. This process creates hollow areas underneath the house.

As a result, your home foundation will start to settle into the empty space. Since settlement almost never occurs evenly, the foundation will likely crack.

On the other hand, you need to check the trees on your property. The roots of many species are large enough to reach your home foundation. Obviously, roots draw moisture. Therefore, they’ll dry the soil beneath your house.

Overly wet soil

Let’s look at the other side of the coin.

Excessive moisture causes the soil to soften. Now, there are 3 main reasons why the soil around your home:

  • Heavy Rain
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Water Ponds

Clay soils usually retain water. As such, they weaken and cause the home to sink. Moreover, you need to check and prevent any water ponds. Many people have foundation cracks because the downspout throws water right next to the wall!

In a few words, don’t let water saturate the soil in your home! Call ADG Construction, Inc. for a thorough inspection.

Leveling the ground

Oftentimes, the construction site is not 100% flat or level. Thus, your builders need to fill the depressed areas with loose soil. This is usually called “fill soil, “and builders usually bring it from another place.

Now, the problem is that the fill soil is significantly lighter and looser than the dense, tight soil that is originally on the site.

As a result, the builder must compact the fill soil prior to building the foundation.

If the new soil isn’t compacted enough, it’ll likely give in to the weight of the newly constructed house.

As you can see, foundation settlement issues can be avoided by paying close attention to the way your home is built. However, if you’re already experiencing such issues, get ADG Construction, Inc. for professional help. Get in touch with us today and make your home safer!

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