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Every responsible excavation project is ruled by safety standards. Usually, accidents due to neglecting them happen like clockwork. By its own nature, this kind of project entails several hazards, both for the workers and for the project itself.

Keeping a safe environment in your excavation job is fundamental. Allow a professional like ADG Construction, Inc. to handle your project by calling at (408) 314-7733.

Indeed, by handling your excavation project responsibly, you avoid injuries, deaths, and fines. So, it’s important that your company proves that it can do the job safely.

Tips for a safe excavation project

Are you building a commercial basement or a parking lot? There are security measures that you need to follow.

Call utilities before you dig

Most places have underground utility systems. So, it’s essential that each utility operator has been contacted before the excavation project starts. Failing to do so can cause the workers to cut electric or gas lines. Moreover, if they cut a water main line, the excess water can collapse the trench.

Any responsible contractor knows this. If they fail to give you confidence, don’t hesitate and call ADG Construction!

Egress method and sloping walls

Once an excavation reaches more than 5 ft. in depth, the workers need an exit ready for any cave-ins. Moreover, each trench needs a protective system. Depending on the type of soil, depth, and weather conditions, you can use different methods. However, the rule of thumb is to cut the trench walls at an angle away from the bottom.

Keep all heavy stuff away from the edges

It doesn’t matter if your contractor protected the trench walls; accidents can still happen. For this reason, both excavated soil and heavy equipment must remain away from the edges. The weight of the equipment or the soil can cause the wall to collapse.

At ADG Construction, Inc., the safety of your excavation project is our highest concern. Get in touch with us and start your building with the right foot.

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