Top Errors in California Framing

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ADG Construction, the top framing contractor in California, can help you identify the most common errors made in California framing and what you could do to avoid these issues down the line or from the get-go.

The most common and simplest elements can really determine the quality of your framing. The most commonly fond errors in California Framing are highly avoidable or easy to prevent which is a good thing. Most of the mistake done in framing can be avoided through paying attention to even the minor details and keeping up with the construction process from beginning to end.

Here are the top errors in California Framing:

  • The installation of sheathing is done as a single span. In reality, sheathing must be installed over two or more spans, and that being the minimum.
  • The strength axis being installed in the wrong direction. Generally speaking, panels should always be installed with its strength axis places over the support.
  • The panels were not placed with sufficient distance when installed. If you framing is to be installed out of wood, keep in mind that wood expands or shrinks depending on moisture levels. If you want to prevent buckling and rest in the thought of quality performance then make sure the panels are spaced 1/8 inch from one another.
  • Improper fastening
  • No water management. You need to keep a close eye out for moisture intrusion and that is done through proper prevention protocols. When moisture does seep in remember to also allow for adequate drying processes.
  • Incorrect notching. If notches were made improperly then that reduces the capacity of the structure greatly

A professional framing contractor in California will make it easy for you to obtain a reliable, sturdy, and well-built frame for your estate.

To prevent a great deal of these framing mistakes, hiring professional framing contractors in California is crucial. ADG Construction can assist you with high class California Framing services at a favorable price. Contact us now.

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