Type of Home Foundations

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A home needs a foundation to hold up its weight, provide a flat and level base for construction, and separate your house from the ground which could potentially cause rooting and termite infestations if it were not the case. Some property owners have a hard time deciding what type of foundation they should pick for their home. There is everything from slabs, concrete and piers. If you are currently contemplating which foundation to select, here is a little bit about each.

The bottom part of a foundation is usually referred to as the footer. The footer is typically a lot wider than the foundation itself and it usually is located below the frost line (12 inches to be exact). The use of that footer is to distribute the home’s weight evenly hence there won’t be any settling or movement.

There are three basic types of concrete foundations and those are poured concrete, post and pier, and lastly concrete block,

A poured concrete foundation can be a raised perimeter foundation or a flat flab- – some even do it as a combination of these two options. These types of foundations are used in connection with slabs and raised floors. Concrete block walls are commonly used and mostly used for standard foundation walls construction projects. Concrete blocks are supported by concrete footing and then reinforced by rods of steel then grout fills them in.

Concrete pier resting on a footer can be used to help add to the support of a mid-span beam. Some homes rest entirely on peirs, but thanks to technology and improvements the foundation methods have gotten way superior.

Now that you know a little bit more about types of home foundations do you know what type of foundation you want for your house? Comment below to share what type of foundation you selected.

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