Wet Foundation- Wet Basement

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A wet basement is far more than a headache. If your basement includes a finished living space, moisture can without a doubt damage a great load of things including your framing, carpet, drywall, and much more. Even if you just use your basement as a storage space or you have a crawl space, a case of condensation can surely cause harmful and extremely dangerous mold. If you have a wet basement, believe us when we tell you that you are not the only one that this has happened to. More than 60 percent of the US population has gone through a wet basement.

More often than not, a wet basement occurs when it is pouring rain out or snow has melted. A small storm is sufficient enough in wetting your basement and triggering a deluge. The problem is often raising ground water which usually comes from an underground spring as well.

Once water has gathered around your foundation you have a problem. Water that has accumulated around your foundation will begin to seep into any cracks, joints, and eve porous materials. From then on, it gets ugly.

Condensation, otherwise known as sweating, will often show up as water droplets, wet spots, or even puddles of water on your floors. Condensation happens when your foundation walls are being hit by warm air or moist air too. Condensation is often confused with runoff water or eve subsurface water.

For this particular scenario you can start with simple stuff like letting air into the basement. Open up a window or two, install a dehumidifier, and so forth. During cold months, turn up the heat in your basement to avoid problems of this magnitude. The key is to promote air circulation at all times.

Finally, if you have a wet basement or a wet foundation, contact a professional from ADG Construction to see how we can help.

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