What’s The Best Foundation for your Home?

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When it comes to your home, the foundation is one of the most crucial aspects of it all. But has it ever crossed your mind, which foundation can be best for your home? When it comes to deciding what the best foundation for your home is, it is crucial that you weigh in the pros and the cons of each material. To make the decision of picking which foundation is best for your home, we decided to list the pros and cons of some of the most popular foundation options in the market today. We’ll be sharing information about crawl spaces, slabs and basements.

Slab Foundations

To start off, slab foundations are the easiest and fastest ones to build. This foundation option is without a doubt the one that requires less labor to create and very little site preparation. When you opt for a slab foundation, another benfit is how no moisture or humidity will have to be dealt with on the sub-floor. Since this foundation is close to ground level, it makes for easy access if there are any handicapped or disabled individuals in the family.

Some of the cons of this foundation option are for starters how it isn’t as appealing when compared to other foundations because it is at ground level. Not to mention how it can be pricey to fix a water supply leak if it were ever to happen.

Crawl Space

With a crawl space foundation you can install additional wires and pipes if ever needed. When you opt for this foundation, there is easy access for repairs, and there is less likelihood of any radon issues.

The con of this foundation has to be how there is easy access for unwanted pests and you will most likely experience moisture problems.

Basement Foundation

Just like crawl space foundations, you can install additional wires and there is easy access for repairs. You get additional storage and workshop space and it is also inexpensive. This foundation can be used as shelter against natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and so on.

A con of this foundation is how it has the highest likelihood of radon issues occurring.

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