A broken foundation is no joke. Actually, it can be the reason for grave panic. Foundation cracking is typically an indication of greater problems, and since your foundation finally supports your home, this is one home improvement subject you don’t want to ignore.

It’s almost unmanageable to tell what causes foundation cracking if you’re not a professional in engineering and foundation repair. Anyways, there are some popular root problems that are simple enough to cause a foundation to move and disintegrate, and almost all of them have to do with soil quality and moisture.

If your residence is experiencing broken foundations, you need to call in a structural engineer to determine what the problem is. A structural engineer frequently performs two services for people with fractured foundations. Another reason why it’s a good idea to hire a structural engineer for a preliminary analysis is because they can serve as an honest third party once you start taking proposals on the repair.

Engineers usually recommend one of two kinds of foundation repair for homes suffering from fractured foundations. The first type of repair is mudjacking, a process in which a concrete mix called “grout” is inflated underneath your foundation to raise it up to its unique height. If your foundation problems are more serious, you might need to look into piering to support your settling foundation.

Once your engineer has come to a plan for repairing your broken foundations, call the proper professional and get your foundation fixed as soon as possible. Remember that the integrity of your home lies on your foundation working properly

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Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher

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