Throughout the years we have encountered the same question, “Will there be a problem in the long run with my framing if done during the cold weather of winter?” And the answer is quite simple. No, there won’t be a problem with framing during cold weather and yes, you can build a home during the winter. So much so, that there are even benfits to doing it during this season. Allow for us to elaborate.

It is possible to do framing all year long, whether it is new work or a simple addition. The rumor that wood can be affected by rain during winter is not completely true. You would actually be shocked to find out how much wood material can take. Majority of wood materials are made to endure it all, and they do! Of course though, this doesn’t give an open door or license allowing water to saturate on the lumber for as long and as much as it pleases. Everything has a limit.

There are many measures that can be taken by builders so your framing isn’t affected by the weather going on around it. There are water repellant products that don’t allow for water to penetrate and fungus/ mold to grow. If mold grows, that is nothing to worry about either. There are numerous ways to completely kill mold, so your house framing is in excellent conditions. Did you know that cold weather can actually slow down the growth process of mold and wood fungi? Snow can be removed easily from any surface of the home too.

All in all, there is no real issue towards framing in cold weather, it can undoubtedly be done. If done by a professional contractor like ADG Construction, you can assure that your framing will be excellent, whether it rain or shine.

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Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher

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