Foundations are a crucial part of every home, and it is necessary for repairs to be done whenever it is needed. Although home owners don’t typically worry about their foundation’s stability, looking into maintenance and repairs before it is too late can save you a lot of trouble and money down the line. So, how can you tell that your foundation needs repairs? Today we will elaborate and what signs to look out for that show that your home needs foundation repairs.

One of the first signs that your home needs foundation repairs is the difficulty in which doors or windows shut. Whenever your doors or windows are sticking out, this is a sign that settling is happening on your foundation. Another sign of house settlement is when cracks begin to appear in zig zag formation on the interior walls and even at times on the exterior.

If you see a gap between your crown molding and ceiling, this is another sign that your home needs foundation repair. Gaps between caulking and doors are usually caused due to shifting and house settling as well.

One of the greatest signs that your home foundation needs repairs is if you witness or begin to notice the ground sinking near the foundation itself. If this is the case, right away get an expert on the site.

If you have wallpaper and out of nowhere it has begun to crinkle up, crease or wrinkle then you may have foundation problems. Since your foundation is shifting, so will the wallpaper and it will eventually rip.

Another sign of your home needing foundation repairs is if your patio has pulled away from the property or the sloping of floors.

If as a home owner you see any of the signs mentioned prior, you must seek assistance right away. You’ll be glad you did.

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Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher

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